E/506 (reenacted) would like to thank the families of the following veterans for their support and assistance in our quest to keep alive the history and memories of the real Easy Company:

Albert Blithe George Lavenson Eugene G. Roe
Gordon F. Carson Joseph A. Lesniewski Robert Burr Smith
Burton P. Christenson C. Carwood Lipton Herbert M. Sobel
Maxwell M. Clark George Luz Frank J. Soboleski
Lynn D. Compton Clarence O. Lyall Ronald C. Speirs
Rudolph R. Dittrich Donald G. Malarkey J. B. Stokes
Joseph P. Dominguez Edward A. Mauser Roderick G. Strohl
William S. Evans Thomas T. Meehan, III Herbert J. Suerth
Carl L. Fenstermaker Joachim Melo Floyd M. Talbert
Jack E. Foley Ynes M. Mendoza Amos J. Taylor
Bradford C. Freeman Warren H. Muck Edward J. Tipper
Antonio Garcia Marshall Clayton Oliver Joseph D. Toye
Walter S. Gordon, Jr. Alex M. Penkala, Jr. David Kenyon Webster
William J. Guarnere Frank J. Perconte James W. Wheeler
Forrest L. Guth Roy E. Pickel Daniel B. West
Herman E. Hansen George L. Potter, Jr. William T. Wingett
Lester A. Hashey Darrell C. Powers Richard D. Winters
Edward J. Heffron George J. Rajner Richard M. Wright
Edward J. Joint Denver Randleman Robert E. Wynn, Jr.
Paul E. Lamoureux Myron Ranney Henry C. Zimmerman
Charles E. Rhinehard

We would also like to thank following WWII 101st Airborne veterans and their families for their support:

Jack Agnew (RHQ/506 PIR) Joseph Mero (HQ/2/501 PIR)
Fred Bahlau (H & HQ/3/506 PIR) Melton McMorries (G/501 PIR)
Glen Derber (HQ/2/501 PIR) Walter Neton (SVC/506 PIR)
Joseph Gorick (SVC/506 PIR) Robert Parks (G/506 PIR)
Walter Gunther (D/506 PIR) Ed Peters (RHQ/506 PIR)

We would also be remiss if we didn’t thank the following folks for their continued support of the real Easy Company and E/506 (reenacted):

Marcus Brotherton – a wonderful author and friend, information about Marcus’ Easy Company books can be found at the following link: www.marcusbrotherton.com
Tim Gray – Tim is the driving force behind the Major Richard D. Winters Leadership Project and Memorial and has been a good friend to E/506 (reenacted). Please go to www.timgraymedia.com and make a donation to this worthwhile endeavor.
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