Company "E", 506th Parachute Infantry Regiment, 101st Airborne Division - is a living history unit. More commonly referred to as "Easy Company", our unit stretches from New England down into the Mid-Atlantic region. Currently our roster has 70 members, of which more than half are "active" participating in 90% of our events. We have a goal of being a typical WWII company size, of over 110 men. As we move forward toward our goal is expanding into the Mid-Atlantic with committed and responsible individuals allowing us to increase attendance to more events in the Mid-Atlantic.

Capt. Sollitto at the Edaville, Ma. 2001 event. Image copyright and courtesy of Mark Pearce, shot with Contax II, 5cm Sonnar, Kodak Tri-X film.Our reenactment organization was founded on 6 June, 1985 by former company commander, Frank Sollitto. Frank maintained an uninterrupted and active presence in the WWII reenacting community until his retirement on 24 July, 2008.  Upon his retirement, Frank tapped current platoon leaders Pete Coombs and Joe Muccia to command E Company.

As of July 2008, the unit has participated in almost 300 commemorative, educational, living history, or tactical events at venues located from Maine to North Carolina.

Our goal is to accurately portray the Airborne troopers of "Easy-506". We participate in WWII tactical battle events (both private and public), living history, and display programs. Part of that goal is a continuing effort to focus attention on the service and sacrifice of the veterans of "Easy Company" and, by extension, all veterans of the United States Military. We strive to constantly improve our individual impressions, and have the best unit display of period arms, uniforms, equipment, and memorabilia.

The unit has had the honor of establishing many lasting friendships with veterans of Easy Company, and their brother units, and we cherish our shared time with these veterans as some of the best moments in our reenacting experience. In addition we have been recognized by, and have received awards for our efforts from veterans groups and civic/federal authorities on numerous occasions throughout our twenty-three year history.

-The Officers, NCO's and Enlisted Men of Company E
506th Parachute Infantry Regiment
101st Airborne Division (reenacted)

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