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Enlist in the Airborne!

Before you consider joining Easy Company we have a small list of requirements for individuals seeking to "fall in" with Easy Company.

1. At least 18 years of age.
2. A monetary commitment towards purchase of gear and furthering your own impression.
3. A minimum participation commitment of 4 events per year (1 every quarter).
4. Dues of $25.00 per year.

It is recommended that new troopers, upon speaking to their respective Platoon Leaders, strive for the following gear:

Enlisted Uniforms:
Overseas/Garrison Cap
M1937 Wool Shirt
M1937 Wool Trouser
Belt, waist
Suspenders, pant
Sweater, wool, long sleeved
Boots, jump pattern

Combat Uniforms:
M42 Jump Jacket (Reinforced)
M42 Jump Trousers (Reinforced)
M43 Field jacket
M43 Field Pants (Rigger Mod'd)

Misc. Articles:
M1938 Dismounted Raincoat
Gloves, cold weather
Undershirt, sleeveless
Undershirt, long sleeved
Under shorts
Underpants, (long johns)
M1C, or M2 w/ Airborne liner
M1936 Suspenders
M1936 Mussette Bag
M1923 Cartridge Belt (or)
M1936 Pistol Belt w/ Rigger Pouches
M1910/M1941 Canteen Cover w/ Canteen and Cup

Either of the following:
M1943 E-tool w/ Cover
M1910 T-handle E-tool w/ Carrier
M 1919 Pickmattock w/ Carrier

Misc Gear:
M1938 Horsehide Gloves
M1938 Wire-cutter w/ Cover
M2 Switchblade
M3 Trench knife
Airborne F/A packet

The following is the list of the minimum contents of an individual's mussette bag. Additional items may be added, but these are required:

For Enlisted personnel:
12' Para-cord
Mess kit
Matches or period lighter.
Hand towel (White or OD)
Weapons maintenance/cleaning kit
Triox or similar heater tabs
Shelter Half w/ pegs, rope and pole
Modern First Aid Kit
1 bar of soap
1 K Ration
1 pr. Socks
Officers and NCOs will add:
Garand or Carbine tool
Foot powder
Flash Light
M1938 Officer Map Case

ALL web equipment is KHAKI unless otherwise stated.

After a review of your information you will be notified with a few days. We will ask you to speak to an Officer or NCO of the unit. In addition we may direct you to a better suited unit to you or your location after review of information you have submitted.

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Birth date: 
Are you, or have been, a reenactor previously?    
If yes, how long?
What time periods did you or are you doing?
Where did you hear about us?
Do you have skills that you think should come to our attention?
If yes please tell us:
What interests you in reenacting Easy 506th? 
If other please explain:
Is there any other information you would like to include?

We would like to thank you for your interest, hit the submit below and your application will be sent to the unit. You should hear back from us in a few days. Upon clicking the submit button you will see this page refresh and a confirmation page be displayed. You may then navigate through the site as normal.

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